Patient Portal FAQs

What is the Patient Portal?

Our patient portal is a safe and secure site which allows parents to access certain parts of their children’s medical records. The Patient Portal is accessible through computers, tablets, and smart phones.

What are the Benefits to Parents?

You can enjoy quick, easy access to important parts of your children’s medical records. You can see, print, and download this information at your convenience, without having to call the office. You can contact our office through the portal (which is via email) for things such as forms, blue cards, prescriptions, non-urgent questions for the nurse and request to schedule non-urgent appointments including Check-ups. At HPA, we’re committed to bringing cutting-edge access, communication, and technology to our patient and family experience. Putting your children’s medical records at your fingertips is an exciting way for us to fulfill that commitment and provide you with an unparalleled patient experience.

Is There a Cost to Access the Patient Portal?

No. Account creation and registration are free. Once you’re fully registered, you can access your children’s medical records as often as you like for free.

Is the Patient Portal Really Safe and Secure?


Can More Than One Parent Create a Patient Portal Account (i.e., for divorced, separated and/or non-related parents)?

Yes, both parents can have access to the portal.

Can I Request Prescription Refills?

Yes! Just send us a Direct Message with your child’s name & date of birth, the name (including whether it’s brand name or generic) and dosage of medication, and the pharmacy location. Prescription refills can take up to 72 hours, so please allow enough time to complete.

Does Access to the Patient Portal Replace an Office Visit?

Not at all. This is just another means of communication between you and our office. Though it will save you a trip to the office if all you need is a copy of your child’s immunization records.

Giving you access to your children’s medical information in your home, on your own time, helps you stay informed, and also helps us work together to provide the best possible care for your children.

Care Philosphy

Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality pediatric care. We offer the benefits of a large office with extended hours and services, and the one-on-one personalized service you expect and deserve for your children.